Maintainer value on the adobe-flashplugin package available on

Michael Bienia geser at
Mon Aug 24 18:06:24 BST 2009


I hope you are the right person for this as your name appears in the
changelog for the adobe-flashplugin package.

The adobe-flashplugin package that can be downloaded directly from lists the Ubuntu MOTU mailing list as Maintainer which is
clearly wrong and also causes confusion[0]:
| Package: adobe-flashplugin
| Version:
| Architecture: i386
| Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu at>
| Original-Maintainer: DL-Flash Player Ubuntu <FlashPlayerUbuntu at>
Would it be possible to get MOTU removed from the Maintainer field for
this package?

The adobe-flashplugin available from the partner archive doesn't have
this problem, only the one from

Perhaps it would be even better to point to the partner archive instead
of offering a deb download at That way users will get
updated packages once they are available in the partner archive.


0: see the thread starting at

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