New upstream releases freeze exception (was: Re: Minutes of motu-release meeting, Friday 29th August, 11.00 UTC.)

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Fri Sep 12 11:01:27 BST 2008


Stefan Potyra wrote:
>> Bugfix only releases:
>> Another point Scott raised, was wether bugfix only releases would need
>> freeze exceptions as well.
> Imho we shouldn't need exceptions for bugfix only releases, but it would be 
> nice have it documented (be it either in debian/changelog or via a bug or 
> both).

I think it would be nice too, but it shouldn't be required, at least it
shouldn't be required to do it via a bug report *and* to have to attach the
upstream changelog.

Could we clarify what are the requirements and what are just suggestions, and
then clarify [1] ?


[1] for bug fix
only updates (process agreed by motu-release)

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