New package for rocrail - upstream source tarball has strange directory structure

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Sep 8 08:22:34 BST 2008

su, 2008-09-07 kello 19:41 +0200, Koen Beek kirjoitti:
>  can someone guide me to what is the best way to handle this upstream
> tarball concerning this directory structure
>  - should I ask upstream to correct the tarball
>  - should I change the tarball myself
>  - should I change the structure and put all these changes in the
> diff.gz fill (Is there a way to not make this .diff file huge)

It's always best to get upstream to correct the tarball themselves. I'm
sure they didn't mean to make that kind of directory structure inside
tar. However, if they can't do that, then fixing it yourself is the next
best option.

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