motu-release will revert libgems-ruby to the old state.

Emmet Hikory persia at
Tue Sep 2 01:46:40 BST 2008

Soren Hansen wrote:
> As much as I dislike upstream tarballs shipping debian directories, I
> really don't approve much of the practice of repacking tarballs just for
> that reason.
> If I find something that claims to be the original tarball of passenger
> 2.0.3 (by having a filename such as passenger_2.0.3.orig.tar.gz), and
> the checksum doesn't match what I can find on the upstream's ftp site, I
> get *very* suspicious.

    In support of not repacking tarballs just because upstream has a
debian/ directory, debhelper has include the -i (ignore) feature since
major version 6, specifically to allow a packager to create a working
package despite what upstream may have added in the debian/ directory.
 That said, in cases where these sorts of confusions exist, it may be
worth documenting it in debian/README.source


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