Proposal for motu-release charter

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Oct 31 23:14:53 GMT 2008


On Monday 27 October 2008 04:37:48 Emmet Hikory wrote:
> Soren Hansen wrote:
> > Dear motu-release!
> >
> > In order to reduce misunderstandings, the MC would like to request that
> > you, motu-release, come up with a proposal for a charter for yourself.
> > We'd like to be able to discuss and approve it at the next MOTU Meeting,
> > if possible.
>     It's been a while, and you've all been busy chasing the release.
> Great job on handling the final transitions and getting the RCbugs
> queue down to a manageable size for the SRU team.


> Now that there's a
> little breathing space, would it be possible to revisit a charter and
> bring it to a MOTU Meeting in the near future?  Perhaps for the 14th
> of November?

I've been thinking quite long about this topic, and I must admit, that I 
didn't come to conclusion yet.

Technically, there aren't any powers that motu-release has, that any other 
developer doesn't have: motu-release cannot reject a new upstream version 
while in FeatureFreeze, nor can we accept an uploaded package while in deep 
freeze (that's left to archive-admins).

However I believe that motu-release has a social influence, i.e. if we'd 
reject a new upstream version, it would imply to developers or sponsors that 
they shouldn't upload it, and most probably won't do so. Same goes for the 
reverted upload of libgems-ruby.

Being within a team, however means that the general attitude towards or 
against that team is perceived from a differnet point of view, and (to my 
observations) is often misleading of what a team should do or should not, or 
what the purpose of that team is.

Hence I guess it would be a better idea to have other developers propose a 
charter for motu-release. Maybe motu-council has a good proposal?


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