Focus on ubuntu-universe-queue on March 19th

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Mon Mar 17 10:10:42 GMT 2008

During latest MOTU meeting [1], it was agreed to have some days to focus 
on fixing specific things (such as FTBFS, NBS, unmetdeps, and so on) 
before release day.

First step would be clear interesting bugs from ubuntu-universe-sponsors 
queue [2], which is grown much these days.

Developers: please spend part of your time reviewing debdiffs and upload 
packages to the archive or give contributors useful hints on how to 
address problems.

Contributors: be sure your patches are in good shape (patch applies 
cleanly to current version in Hardy, new revision compiles successfully, 
and so on), so there will be higher chances to have your fix sponsored.

If everybody is happy about this, I'd suggest to have this event on 
Wednesay, March 19th, all timezones.

Let's make Hardy ROCK even more!


Luca Falavigna
Ubuntu MOTU Developer
GPG Key: 0x86BC2A50

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