Ubuntu bug repport for DTC & implication in development of our package in Ubuntu

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Mon Mar 17 14:12:13 GMT 2008

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I'm the upstream main developer of this web hosting control panel. We
work mainly under Debian Etch, and I have managed to have our package
uploaded into Debian SID. I believe it will soon migrate to Lenny.

I was quite happily surprised to see that my package was in Ubuntu
Gusty. Unfortunately, this is a quite old version, but I'm happy of it

The reason why I'm writing now, is that I want to know if it was
possible to have my email address associated with any bug report against
our package.

I don't really know Ubuntu, I have never installed it to be honest, so I
don't know about your procedures. I know it's a quite good distribution
based on Debian, and that many of my friend use it. But that's about it.
I have still registered for a launchpad account with my Debian
maintainer email address (the one I'm using currently). Is it enough
trust to have my key signed by a Debian developer? I'd appreciate some
pointer on how to register to have any bug reports sent to me.

Also, is it possible to have the latest SID version included in Ubuntu?
It's of much better quality than the 0.25 that I could see in Gusty, and
I believe that it corrects many bugs. See our latest packages here:


At the present time, I'd be really pleased if I could work with somebody
that would manage the package into Ubuntu, as the work that we are doing
is quite huge already in Debian alone (note that my employee also
manages a RPM version for CentOS).

Thomas Goirand

P.S: I know it's of bad practice, but I'm not registered to this list
(as I'm registered to quite a lot already), so please send to me as Cc:
to any reply to this message.
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