MOTU Meeting of the 14th March - Minutes

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Sat Mar 15 12:48:18 GMT 2008

MOTU Meeting of the 14th March - Minutes

The minutes for the MOTU meeting of Friday, 14th March are available

= Members Present =

 * Stefan Ebner - meeting chairperson

 * Scott Kitterman
 * Stefan Potyra
 * Reinhard Tartler
 * Daniel T Chen
 * Luca Falavigna
 * Michael Bienia
 * Jordan Mantha
 * Emmet Hikory
 * Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

[TOPIC] Should Ubuntu Membership be a general requirement for MOTUship
by JordanMantha

Scott Kitterman likes the idea of MC being able to give out membership
with becoming MOTU, but also before so that if someone meets the
criteria for membership, but isn't ready to be MOTU yet. The generel
idea is that Membership is a lower bar than MOTUship.

Some Arguments:

 * This should be a way of recognizing good work in MOTU without feeling
like MOTUship needs to be granted.'''
 * It also allows the MC to see a candidate twice.'''
 * It gives them a better feel for the person before the MOTU

After further discussion a vote was called with the following result:
 * For: 6
 * Against: 0
 * Abstained: 0

[AGREED] Ubuntu Membership is now a generel requirement for MOTUship. MC
grant Membership before and up-to MOTUship.

[TOPIC] Should we establish some "u-u-s days" to clear u-u-s queue as
much as possible before release day? by Luca Falavigna

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort suggested: It was every Monday for REVU days, we
could do the same for u-u-s now that we are not doing REVU. On the other
hand, putting them on Mondays would mean it's just until Hardy is
released... so a different day would be a good idea to get it continued
in Intrepid. This was generally accpeted.

Jordan Mantha added things we need:

 * date
 * to do list
 * MOTUs around to clear the queue
 * promotion and energy

Furthermore we thought about a name for it and several ideas came up:
"MOTU Hug days", "Sponsorship Days", "Hug dholbach day", "Ubuntu love
days". But in the end we agreed that the name isn't that important and
we only need one day.

After further discussion a vote was called with the following result:

 * For: '''7'''
 * Against: '''0'''
 * Abstained: '''0'''

[AGREED] One u-u-s day to clear u-u-s queue.

[FIXED TOPIC]: Next MOTU Meeting

The next MOTU meeting will take place at 28th March, 20:00 UTC. hellboy195
volunteered to send announcement mails.

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