long name package problem

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Sun Mar 2 11:19:07 GMT 2008

You mean you want the package maintainers to work around a problem of the app 
manager instead of fixing the app manager? That imho doesn't make much 
sense ...


Am Sonntag 02 März 2008 schrieb Zoran Kolic:
> Howdy!
> Last 2 weeks or so I have a problem to see updated
> files in graphical application manager. Names for
> ubuntu files are so long, that it makes it impossible
> to format correctly. Manager formats from right to
> left. The size and version are shown, no space for
> name left on the screen.
> The apps in question are faad (libfaad2, libmp4...).
> Nokia 770, gregale.
> I'd like the maintainer to shorten the names of files.
> In this moment it riuns the usability of app manager.
> Best regards
>                         Zoran
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