Please think before you send bugs to Debian

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Thu Feb 7 09:18:28 GMT 2008

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Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Sarah Hobbs schrieb:
>> This worries me.  We apparently have various people who don't think
>> before sending changes, yet have direct upload access to most of the
>> archive.  Is having a note in the wiki really going to suffice?
> Everybody has done a mistake in the past - including you. I really don't
> like that you assume that people did not employ thought.

Come now.  I was merely raising the question as to whether a note in the
wiki (which a lot of people (especially established MOTU's) don't read,
as it's still being rearranged, is the most useful way of conveying this

That being said, the reason why I didn't suggest something else was that
I hadn't come up with a better way of conveying the information to
everyone.  Clearly, not eloquently enough.   I wasn't suggesting
throwing people out, etc - if I *was* suggesting such a thing, then I
would have come out and said that.

Take it, or leave it, as you wish - but please don't jump down my throat
for something that I did not say.  That is not fair.

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