how to get approved?

Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at
Mon Aug 25 19:51:04 BST 2008


I have two packages on REVU (modglue & cadabra) which I would like to
get approved. They've been there for a while, and I was told to just
wait, but I'm wondering whether I missed something as it's been 1.5
months now and I only got some review feedback after I explicitly
asked, but no sign of anyone with MOTU status who could help me
further up. Should I file a 'please approve this' somewhere?

(This is in _no way_ meant to be a complaint; I just could not find
any explicit information about how the process is supposed to go once
a package has been uploaded to REVU; feel free to RTFM me if it's all
spelled out somewhere).



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