Accepted: dibbler 0.7.1-2ubuntu1 (source)

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Mon Aug 25 17:44:04 BST 2008

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 9:00 AM, Alessio Treglia <quadrispro at> wrote:
> Changes:
>  dibbler (0.7.1-2ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low
>  .
>   * Merge from debian unstable (LP: #257575), Ubuntu remaining changes:
>     - Added dpatch support.
>     - Added glibc28_FTBFS.dpatch, fix FTBFS.
>     - Added makefile_makefileinc.dpatch in order to fix
>       patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff lintian warnings.
>     - Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.0.

There's no good reason to change Standards-Version in Ubuntu. It's an
unneeded change that just generates noise when debdiffing.

More concerning though, it appears that beyond adding a patch system
(which is currently under debate) the existing Debian "patching" via
diff.gz has been changed to a new patch system. This makes the debdiff
messy, hard to read,  and really should be avoided. Especially in this
case because a patch system was introduced for a *1* line change.
Rather than a 6KB debdiff that involves reverting Debian changes and
then reinserting them as a dpatch patch and other unneeded changes,
the merge could be done as a clean 2KB, mostly as changelog entries.
It would even be better for Debian in almost every sense. The patch
that appears in the Debian PTS page would then show just the actual
change Ubuntu made (adding #define _GNU_SOURCE ).

No patches have been sent to Debian that I can see (0 bugs in BTS)
either so please send the changes upstream.

This merge really shouldn't have been sponsored, IMO, even though the
merger was just following the previous merge. Each time we merge we
really need to review the changes from the previous merge to make sure
they make sense.


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