Doubts while creating a new package

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Sun Aug 17 15:53:36 BST 2008

On 17/08/2008, at 13.06, Jose Luis Blanco wrote:

> Firstly, sorry if this is not the mailing list for asking these
> questions. I've been packaging a new set of libraries of programs for
> Ubuntu and uploaded them to REVU:

Normally, you'd want to look for comments either on the #ubuntu-motu  
IRC channel, or on the REVU webpage itself.

> 1) I haven't sent this to Debian yet, so this package is not a derived
> version of any previous one. Should I still add the postfix  
> "-0ubuntu1"

For a package not in Debian, "-0ubuntu1" is indeed the correct format  
of the release string.

> to the package? (there are not specific changes in the sources for
> Ubuntu). Should I instead leave the changelog with "unstable"
> distribution and rename the package "-1" so the same package can be  
> used

If the package is submitted to Debian later on, it will receive a  
release string of "-1" which eventually will override the "-0ubuntu*"  

> for Debian & Ubuntu? Is there any problem in leaving "unstable"  
> instead
> of "intrepid"?

At this point, new packages go into "intrepid" which should be given  
in debian/changelog. Lintian will complain, but that is one of the few  
warnings you are permitted to disregard.

> 3) I've built the new package with pbuilder for intrepid & sid under
> i386 & amd64. Is there any other architecture I should tried for  
> Ubuntu??

Most people don't have access to more than one architecture, and you  
can't be expected to test out things on a platform you don't have. If  
you do have access to some of the more exotic architectures, you may  
help yourself by testing the builds. Some applications may not work on  
all platforms, often due to the build system, so you are making your  
own life easier.

Morten (mok0)

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