Doubts while creating a new package

Jose Luis Blanco joseluisblancoc at
Sun Aug 17 12:06:47 BST 2008


Firstly, sorry if this is not the mailing list for asking these
questions. I've been packaging a new set of libraries of programs for
Ubuntu and uploaded them to REVU:

This is my first Debian package so I have tried to follow all the rules
and conventions but still have a few doubts:

1) I haven't sent this to Debian yet, so this package is not a derived
version of any previous one. Should I still add the postfix "-0ubuntu1"
to the package? (there are not specific changes in the sources for
Ubuntu). Should I instead leave the changelog with "unstable"
distribution and rename the package "-1" so the same package can be used
for Debian & Ubuntu? Is there any problem in leaving "unstable" instead
of "intrepid"?

3) I've built the new package with pbuilder for intrepid & sid under
i386 & amd64. Is there any other architecture I should tried for Ubuntu??

Thanks for your time in advance!

Jose Luis

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