Key Team Election Policy

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sat Aug 16 18:19:14 BST 2008

Luca Falavigna wrote:
> "Anyone who wishes to advocate the application shall do so by sending a
> email in reply to the application, and then note the sponsorship on the
> applicants wiki page. Two sponsorships are required for an application
> to be considered valid."
> How sponsorship works here? Do current/former members need to advocate a
> candidate or any MOTU can, given previous contributions made?

    I think any MOTU ought be free to comment / question / endorse /
criticise any applicant for these teams.  I agree that the policy as
written doesn't make this entirely clear.

> Quoting:
> "If the acceptance of a candidate would push the team oversize, a
> multicandidate election is held, with a number of winners equal to the
> maximum size of the team selected from the current members and any new
> applications."
> Is team size established by policy? Currently, we have five team members
> both for motu-sru and motu-release (even if there are empty slots) but
> it's not mentioned (not in policy, at least).

    We've historically considered both teams to consist of 5 members
(although there may be some openings).  This does seem currently
unwritten, but uncontested.  Putting it here makes a lot of sense, and
ought redce confusion in the future.


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