AUdacity Bug

Worik worik.stanton at
Fri Aug 8 22:54:35 BST 2008

Kia ora

I am having problems with audacity on Hardy Heron.  I cannot get it to
play sound.

That is not why I am emailing though.  I am compiling from source to
have a crack at making it work.

apt-get source audacity

It would not compile.  

In import/ImportMP3.cpp in GetMP3ImportPlugin the line 

new UnusableImportPlugin(DESC, wxArrayString(wxSIZEOF(exts), exts));

around line 49

fails because DESC and wxSIZEOF are both undefined.

wxSIZEOF should be WXSIZEOF and DESC is defined later in the file 

#define DESC _("MP3 files")

so needs to be moved to *before* this line.  Then it compiles.

I hope this helps. Did seem too simple to bother with a patch!


worik at alby:/usr/include/wx$ dpkg -l audacity
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err:
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  audacity       1.3.4-1.1ubunt A fast, cross-platform audio editor
worik at alby:/usr/include/wx$ 

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