Introducing the cruft-busters

Michael Casadevall sonicmctails at
Fri Aug 8 08:53:10 BST 2008

We won't remove something until all its dependencies are resolved, so
ff2 would stay in the archive until OpenStreetMap is fixed/updated.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 3:41 AM, Jeffrey Ratcliffe
<jeffrey.ratcliffe at> wrote:
> 2008/8/8 Michael Casadevall <sonicmctails at>:
>> not useful. The general idea is if you know a package (such as
>> firefox2) that should be removed from the archive, create an inital
> They'll be a lot of OpenStreetMap users unhappy about removing
> Firefox-2, as currently it is impossible to load Yahoo aerial maps
> into josm with Firefox-3.
> Regards
> Jeff

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