Why does mercurial package on Ubuntu suggest python-mysqldb?

Piotr Ożarowski piotr at debian.org
Tue Aug 5 21:31:12 BST 2008

> On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 08:23 +0100, Iain Lane wrote:
> > Peter Arrenbrecht wrote:
> > > The package mercurial 1.0.1-2~hardy1 suggests python-mysqldb. I cannot
> > > imagine why, and a quite poll on #mercurial turned up nothing. Any
> > > pointers? I this plain wrong?
> > >
> > >From the changelog[0] (note that this package hasn't been modified in
> > Ubuntu and therefore changes are Debian's):
> > 
> >    [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
> >    * New recommended packages:

This actually should be "suggested". Package is maintained in our team,
I detected mysqldb import and added python-mysqldb in debian/control,
Maintainer decided that it should not be installed by default so moved
it to Suggests.

> >      + python-mysqldb (hgext/bugzilla.py)
> Looks like someone at Debian is a bit unclear on our notion of
> 'extension' and ships it with all extensions on by default. 
> Extensions were -created- to be off by default. If we'd wanted their
> functionality on all the time, they wouldn't be extensions in the first
> place! Some provide unsafe functionality that break Mercurial's core
> data integrity rules. Some provide complex new commands that make it
> easy for new users to shoot themselves in the foot. Others silently
> change Mercurial's operation in nonstandard ways. Others support bad
> ideas that we strongly wish to discourage (ie keywords). Others are
> undersupported and just plain buggy. Really, they need to be off.

Packages from Suggests field are not installed by default, if one
decides to use this extension, Suggests field will point him to the
right dependencies.

BTW: if you think we did something wrong, please report a bug. We are
unable to fix problems we are not aware of (thanks Scott for pointing
me to this thread)

PS please CC me on replies
-=[     Piotr Ożarowski     ]=-
-=[ http://www.ozarowski.pl ]=-
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