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Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Mon Aug 4 16:46:33 BST 2008

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Emmet Hikory ha scritto:
>     Consequently, there is now an opening on the team, and volunteers
> are needed to help with the work.

I'd like to volunteer for the role.

I should be able to cover 18~22 UTC easily (it's evening in Europe).
Speaking of sponsoring experience, I haven't a subset of packages I'm
more interested in, I usually pick older bugs and provide a review by
testing them in VMs and eventually sponsor them into the archives.

It's hard to design a working strategy to improve u-u-s because this
requires many developers to spend part of their time reviewing debdiffs
and patches by contributors, and time is usually a rare jem. Sending
mails on MOTU ML on a regular basis listing queue size, older bugs or
patches which need attention can be a good starting point.


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