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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Apr 30 06:39:58 BST 2008

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008 02:32:05 -0300 "Eduardo Cereto Carvalho" 
<eduardocereto at> wrote:
>I looked over bugs for mailscanner.
>Looks like #204546 was a request for sync with debian, the package was
>built but not approved, probably due to bad packaging or timing.

Mostly bad timing.

>It will probably be available for intrepid in the debian sync.

Actually it will need some manual review ask there is currently an Ubuntu 
unique change (lack of this review is why it wasn't automatically updated 
for Hardy).

>But this should probably be worked out as it generated a handfull of bugs:
>#172363 mailscanner should depend on initscripts from edgy or greater
>#195260 MailScanner won't start due to variable $FIELD_NAME
>#222992 Mailscanner failed do-release-upgrade from Gutsy

I'm working on getting this one fixed in Hardy.

>Note that I'm new to this list and as I was not sure on how to relate
>these bugs to each other I haven't touch anything. Just gathered this
>info to help whoever is up to get his hands dirt
Welcome and thanks for diving in and helping out.

Scott K

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