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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Apr 30 06:35:11 BST 2008

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008 10:51:49 +1000 (EST) Res <res at> wrote:
>Who ever this is, I suggest they take the time to actually be on the 
>mailscanner list, the default 'apt-get install mailscanner' is completely 
>broken, was that ever tested?

It was tested when it was uploaded and worked.  Some other thing changed in 
the meantime.  I've been discussing this with the mailscanner developer and 
will likely have a patch for testing shortly.

>It is also over a year old version you provide, with many many stable 
>enhancements since. When a version of mailscanner is called stable, it is 
>stable, and suitable and is used in  many very large production 
>please do not folow the old debian trait of new releases with ancient 
There are fewer than 100 developers virtually all volunteers working on the 
Universe section of Ubuntu.  This section has over 10,000 packages in it 
and so most are used from Debian unchanged.  Packages with developers that 
are particularly interested in them get the most attention from us 

Hostile, accusatory mail tends to make us rather less motivated than more.  
If you'd like to see mailscanner better maintained, you are welcome to join 
us and help out.

Scott K

P.S. Many of us also work in Debian, so throwing stones in that direction 
doesn't tend to win you a lot of friends either.

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