Universe QA for Hardy

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 05:31:42 GMT 2007

On 10/31/07, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> MOTUs, Contributors, and other interested parties,
>     As Hardy will be a Long Term Support release, there are
> significant benefits to aggressively pursuing QA.  I've compiled the
> following list of QA goals: I'd encourage anyone to add to the list,
> or suggest additional measures that can help with the process.
> Call for volunteers:
>     Completing this effort will require large amounts of effort, time,
> bandwidth, and processing.  Specific immediate tasks to be claimed
> are:

    There has been some discussion of the activities on #ubuntu-motu,
and most of the tasks have been taken, as follows:

    Andrew Mitchell will continue maintaining the RC Bug list for Hardy.

> A: Coordination with the launchpad team to collect list of packages
> for which the latest uploaded version FTBFS, presentation, hosting,
> and maintenance of this list.
> E: Maintaining a list of not-built-for-Hardy packages

    Jordan Mantha has volunteered to coordinate with the launchpad
team to look at how launchpad can expose this information more

> B: Porting / Running ftp-master scripts against universe packages, and
> hosting the results

    Brandon Holtsclaw will work the archive-admins to get Ubuntu-ised
ftp-master scripts, and provide hosting for hardy-universe-problems
and hardy-universe-outdated.

> C: Volunteering to run piuparts for any of the three freezes (three
> different people would be nice, unless someone is incredibly
> motivated), and hosting the results

    There are yet no volunteers.

> D: Hosting MDT against Debian Unstable for the Hardy cycle

    William Grant has been hosting a MDT instance as well as debcheck,
and intends to continue.  In addition, William will be hosting a
biweekly lintian run against the universe archive, to assist in
discovering additional issues.

    Thanks to all those working on this: we should soon have
everything in place to make sure that Hardy is the most stable, and
least broken release yet.

    If anyone else wants to help, please contact those listed above.
Also, if you have a spare processor-week on a reasonably fast machine,
a local archive, and would be willing to run piuparts for one of the
freezes, please make yourself known.  And of course, everyone is
encouraged to review the output of the tools, and update packages


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