Universe QA for Hardy

William Grant william.grant at ubuntu.org.au
Wed Oct 31 04:26:04 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 12:37 +0900, Emmet Hikory wrote:
> [snip]
>     Launchpad tracks all build failures (2) , but this list is not
> reduced when packages later succeed.  Any volunteer to work with the
> launchpad team to extract a current list of FTBFS packages would find
> their effort well received.

It might be nice to see if we can get this list integrated into LP in
the next couple of releases. It shouldn't be too difficult, and makes
sense to have it there, as it has all the information easily accessible

Perhaps this could be integrated with the not-built-for-Hardy list, by
adding a mechanism to export a list of published SourcePackageReleases
and associated metadata (uploader, series uploaded to, builds), somewhat
like that on ~person/+packages.

> [snip]
>     In past releases, we have used multidistrotools (10) for this.
> The last URL I had appears to be down: would anyone be willing to host
> this?

That was, IIRC, running on tiber, so is obviously no longer.
is still around, and updated hourly, covering {un,mult}iverse.

> [snip]
> Packages should be linda and lintian clean:
>     For extra points, everything in the archive should be linda &
> lintian clean.  This is an immense effort, and actual implementation
> would likely generate a huge variation against Debian.  A smaller
> target is to check packages with Ubuntu variations, and ensure lintian
> / linda cleanliness of those packages: the remainder should be
> deferred until everything listed above is complete.

Last night I set up lintian checks over hardy/i386. The initial run is
still going, but I expect I will have it updating every couple of days
once it's done. That gives lists of packages with issues categorised by
issue or maintainer.

The by-maintainer list would probably give a good overview of
Ubuntu-modified packages (due to DebianMaintainerField), but it probably
wouldn't be difficult to mangle the script to check for modified
packages explicitly.

Thanks for the great email - we really need good QA for Hardy.

 - William
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