Joining the team

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Wed Oct 24 16:34:39 BST 2007

Beth Aviv wrote:
> I know there are problems, bugs, etc... and I would like to help out anyway
> I can. I try to be active on the forums when I'm able to help. It feels nice
> to know that you can help people fix their problems, too.
> I am learning a bit about the CLI and programming... I've even picked up a
> Python book to read when I'm bored at work. Let me know where I can start =)

    There are a couple wiki pages with lots of suggestions on
contributing (1,2).  Given your statement that you're interested in
helping with problems and bugs, I'd suggest that the bug squad would
be a good place to start (3).  If you adopt a couple python packages,
you'll likely become familiar with the sorts of issues that occur, and
find it easy to use your upcoming python skills to prepare a few

    I'd also strongly recommend joining our IRC channels (4), as they
provide a good way to keep in touch for collaboration and
coordination, and are also a good place to ask questions if you are
unsure.  #ubuntu-bugs is the bug management coordination channel, to
discuss specific problems, appropriate bug handling, test cases, etc.
#ubuntu-motu is the universe development channel, to discuss packaging
arrangements, specific patches, and generally see what the universe
developers are doing.  If you've time for extra tasks, and have caught
up on your reading, the participants in #ubuntu-motu are usually happy
to suggest other things that you might try.



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