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Beth Aviv bethaviv100 at
Wed Oct 24 00:43:13 BST 2007


I guess I fall into the "I know nothing about programming, but would like to
help." I've been running with Ubuntu since April... a couple days after
Feisty was released and have had a blast running it. I've been running Gutsy
from tribe 4 and even though I've had issues, I always found it fun to work
them out and learn from it. I've always learned something everything
something went amiss.

I know there are problems, bugs, etc... and I would like to help out anyway
I can. I try to be active on the forums when I'm able to help. It feels nice
to know that you can help people fix their problems, too.

I am learning a bit about the CLI and programming... I've even picked up a
Python book to read when I'm bored at work. Let me know where I can start =)

Beth Goldhammer
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