Bugs in util-vserver in ubuntu

Klaus Trainer klaus.trainer at web.de
Tue Oct 23 21:41:53 BST 2007


the tools installed with the Ubuntu-package util-vserver-0.30.212-1
mainly do not work at all. So I want to suggest adding Debian's
util-vserver-0.30.212-1 package to the universe repository. The
Debian-package works perfectly.

Here you can see that I'm not the first one to make that suggestion:


fmyhr  wrote on 2007-07-05:

> I know this package is in "universe" which is unsupported.
> But this bug has been open for several months now with no > resolution, and has caused me (and I know others) wasted hours.
> Can't someone simply put debian's util-vserver into the ubuntu
> universe repository until the problem with gcc 4.1 can be worked out?

Thank you in advance!


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