non-MOTU Hopeful contributions (was:: GetDeb Project (Why I participate))

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Oct 19 07:49:27 BST 2007

Am Donnerstag, den 18.10.2007, 17:03 +0100 schrieb João Pinto:
> IMHO, the point is not about lowering the bar, is is about not having
> the "bar" at all, the key is about converting the current MOTU
> processes which are based on a long pipe workflow with known
> bottlenecks into a grid workflow . has improved a lot. Is quicker
and based on a lot of people who invest their time in reviewing stuff. has an overview over that.

> The current process requires, developers which love debian/rules, but
> which hate debian/copyright to be expert on both.
> The current process requires end users, which love to test new
> software, and which would be the best functional testers for new
> packages/updates to subscribe this list in order to get "please test"
> notifications. IThis list is not really interesting for those people
> which spend more time using applications, than packaging them. 

PPA might help with the testing bit.

> The key, is about moving from single processing, to multiprocessing,
> different people, with different skills can provide their specif
> contribute to the final product which is, a good package, proper
> tested from both a packaging and functional perspective and which will
> be updated according to a policy which also meet users expectations. 

I believe that's already happening in the SponsorshipProcess.

> The documentation improvement is important because it is the entry
> point for participation, however, it is not sufficient.

I'm currently working on getting the PackagingGuide merged on the wiki.
Once it's done, it'd be great to get your feedback on it too. Also
UbuntuDevelopment has merged process information now.

Have a nice day,

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