Building libxcb1.1

Luis Arias kaaloo at
Tue Nov 20 16:30:57 GMT 2007


libxcb1.1 has a feature that checks LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK in order
to circumvent problems with some java apps including GWT.;a=commit;h=4d828c5eba9fc7161c5f18650f2dbe218e1db06f

When I discovered this earlier on today, I was tinkering to try and
get those changes and build the packages so I could install it and try
it out.  I understand how to get the libxcb code from the git
repository and how to get the current libxcb sources from the ubuntu
repositories and rebuild the packages, but I don't see how to "merge"
those changes in and build 1.1 packages.   I was wondering if someone
could mentor me on this or even better if there was a way to get an
upgraded libxcb binary on the hardy repositories ?  Maybe another way
would be to do a diff between that commit and the current version and
try to get that in as a patch ?

Thanks for your help !!
Luis Arias
+33 6 14 20 87 93
skype : kaaloo

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