Change in sponsorship process for new upstream versions

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Tue Nov 20 16:44:21 GMT 2007

    At the last MOTU Meeting, it was agreed that Interdiffs would be
used as a means of reviewing new upstream versions for inclusion in
the archive.  As the mechanics of using interdiffs for this purpose
were not clear to all participants in the discussion, I've drafted a
set of instructions on the use of interdiff on the wiki (1).  Please
review, and suggest any changes you might like.  I've further
summarised the now deprecated techniques and processes for reviewing
new upstreams in the same location, as a reference to the motivations
behind the decision.

    To address known points of controversy in advance: firstly, this
will be the recommended method of requesting sponsored uploads of new
upstream versions from the sponsorship queue by those who are not
members of ~ubuntu-dev: this procedure is not binding on those who can
upload themselves; secondly this procedure demands an automated method
of downloading the upstream source: while a watch file cannot be
constructed for every package, a get-orig-source rule can be
constructed for the remainder, with the possibility that it may not
get the original source for upstreams that do not provide a versioned

    If there are no objections to the sponsors use and advocacy of the
described procedure, I'll update the various places in the wiki that
refer to updating package to a new upstream to reflect this procedure.



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