libdvdcss2 for multiverse

Stephan Hermann sh at
Tue Nov 20 16:06:29 GMT 2007

Hi Mario,

Am Tue, 20 Nov 2007 10:01:14 -0600
schrieb "Mario Limonciello" <superm1 at>:

> Hi again everyone.
> In line with my previous thoughts I was looking more for
> possibilities to lower barriers requiring the use of medibuntu.  The
> next item I wanted to address was libdvdcss2, which I'm sure will be
> stirring a separate discussion. (This is why I'm starting a separate
> thread for it).
> Quoting from
> The "multiverse" component contains software that is "not free",
> which means
> > the licensing requirements of this software do not meet the Ubuntu
> > "main" Component Licence
> > Policy<>.
> > <>
> >
> > The onus is on you to verify your rights to use this software and
> > comply with the licensing terms of the copyright holder.
> >
> > This software is not supported and usually cannot be fixed or
> > updated. Use it at your own risk.
> >
> The license on the software allows redistribution, the questionable
> part then becomes copyright and/or patents in some locations.  If
> users are supposed to verify their rights to use software in
> multiverse first, What is keeping it from multiverse?

The software itself is not the problem, imho. The problem is, that css2
(the purpose of this software) is totally illegal in many countries.
Which means, even the usage or the distribution is illegal.

IMHO, it will go like that: some strange american lawyer, paid by media
industry, will sue canonical as sponsor and main developer company
behind ubuntu, and I don't think nobody wants to see this happen.

css2 is a very special case. But it's easy, even for
non-well-knowledged people to install it manually from other

And, don't by crypted dvds ,-)


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