libdvdcss2 for multiverse

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Tue Nov 20 16:01:14 GMT 2007

Hi again everyone.

In line with my previous thoughts I was looking more for possibilities to
lower barriers requiring the use of medibuntu.  The next item I wanted to
address was libdvdcss2, which I'm sure will be stirring a separate
discussion. (This is why I'm starting a separate thread for it).

Quoting from

The "multiverse" component contains software that is "not free", which means
> the licensing requirements of this software do not meet the Ubuntu "main"
> Component Licence Policy<>.
> <>
> The onus is on you to verify your rights to use this software and comply
> with the licensing terms of the copyright holder.
> This software is not supported and usually cannot be fixed or updated. Use
> it at your own risk.
The license on the software allows redistribution, the questionable part
then becomes copyright and/or patents in some locations.  If users are
supposed to verify their rights to use software in multiverse first, What is
keeping it from multiverse?

Mario Limonciello
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