New Package Freeze revisited

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Wed Mar 21 08:51:44 GMT 2007

Hi MOTU Land!

It seems there was a bit of confusion with the Ubuntu Archive team about
when exactly the New Package Freeze was and what packages in NEW should
be processed and which need exceptions. Also Tollef was unclear on the
specifics of the exception process. Here is my proposal based on my
memory and my email announcing the freeze:

1. all the packages in the NEW queue up to (but not including)
supertux-stable should get processed as being before the New Package Freeze

2. all the packages from supertux-stable on need to have a freeze
exception filed and approved. The idea is similar to UVF exceptions
where you need to file a bug, give justifications for the exception, and
 assign the bug to motu-uvf. Note that the packages have to have already
gone through the REVU process (2 MOTU acks) before filing the exception

If we are ok with this I'll forward this info to the Ubuntu Archive Team.


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