New Package Freeze revisited

Toby Smithe tsmithe at
Wed Mar 21 19:03:19 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 01:51 -0700, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> Hi MOTU Land!
> It seems there was a bit of confusion with the Ubuntu Archive team about
> when exactly the New Package Freeze was and what packages in NEW should
> be processed and which need exceptions. Also Tollef was unclear on the
> specifics of the exception process. Here is my proposal based on my
> memory and my email announcing the freeze:
> 1. all the packages in the NEW queue up to (but not including)
> supertux-stable should get processed as being before the New Package Freeze
> 2. all the packages from supertux-stable on need to have a freeze
> exception filed and approved. The idea is similar to UVF exceptions
> where you need to file a bug, give justifications for the exception, and
>  assign the bug to motu-uvf. Note that the packages have to have already
> gone through the REVU process (2 MOTU acks) before filing the exception
> request.
> If we are ok with this I'll forward this info to the Ubuntu Archive Team.

That sounds great; I see nothing wrong with it. Of course, that would be
somewhat because I have packages wanting in :)

Help me get to Venezuela!

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