Fast-track mentoring for lupine_85 and pricechild

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sun Mar 18 20:49:16 GMT 2007

Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Also for the current applications to MC, I guess being upstream would also get 
> additional bonus points, as being a DD would. So I don't see the need to 
> create a sidepath to become MOTU.
This is not full MOTU membership - it's just "commit outside of freeze"
access to specific package(s).

> Nonetheless having upload rights for a limited number of packages might indeed 
> be a good idea, given that we somehow make sure to have the people also 
> integrated into the ubuntu community, which is the tricky part.
> My idea right now to get this into shape would be like the following 
> (this is really just a rough idea, please don't see this as a elaborate 
> proposal yet):
> 1.) upstream packagers should start with a mentor. The mentor will take full 
> responsibility for the packages during the whole process.
Yes, agreed, and we could record this formally so everyone can so who in
MOTU is responsible.
> 2.) initially the mentor takes care for sponsoring packages, until he thinks 
> that upstream can do uploads for the given packages on his own.
> 3.) The mentor calls MC to grant him restricted upload rights for a number of 
> p. MC will nod this through and forwards it to TB. (or the mentor directly 
> contacts TB, maybe that's easier since the mentor will still be responsible 
> for what upstream uploads then on his own). Uploads right will be limited to 
> a short term (maybe 2 month?). The mentor will still watch then what upstream 
> uploads, maybe not that deeply but he'll still be the one who would be 
> responsible for fixing things resulting from bad uploads.
> Not quite sure what then should happen:
> a) after the initial upload rights have timed out, they can not be renewed, 
> because upstream should by that time have become a full-fledged MOTU.
> or b) after the initial upload rights have timed out, there will be a longer 
> check from MC to grant upload rights to upstream for the limited set of 
> packages for a reasonable large period of time. From that point in time the 
> mentor would be relieved from his duties.
> optional 4.)
> upstream packagers will become MOTUs with the normal process, which however 
> won't be really hard then because they can show what packages they all 
> uploaded so far :).
> What do you think?

I think this is a good start! It's important that this be codified as a
standard policy, for all upstreams.

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