Trying MOTU

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Wed Mar 14 16:41:06 GMT 2007

João Pinto wrote:
> Hello,
> following Daniel's comments and questions regarding the ability to
> support/keep the Getdeb packages in a proper quality level I have
> decided to
> try the MOTU way.


> I have a few starting comments and questions.
> The REVU main page is terrible, what is the sort criteria for the packages
> list ?

I think the are sorted by number of votes, age, and whether they are
brand new packages or just updates to existing packages.

> The following detail should be presented on the main list:
>  - last uploader comment, last reviewer comment, package status
> This would allow a better assessment for both the reviewers and
> uploaders on
> packages needing more activity.

You are more than welcome to help with REVU hacking (it's in Python). We
haven't done much with it for a while.

> I couldn't found a description of the package live cycle.
> Questions:
> 1) What is the REVU package life cycle ?
> I couldn't find a description on when/who classifies the package as
> properly
> packaged, and what happens at that time.
> Does a MOTU member need to adopt the package as a maintainer  so that it
> gets into Universe ?

Upload -> MOTU review -> Upload with changes -> MOTU Approval -> repeat
until you get 2 MOTU approvals -> Uploaded to Universe -> NEW queue for
Ubuntu Archive Admin approval -> Binary NEW -> Universe Archive

Basically, you need to get 2 MOTUs to approve the package and then it'll
get uploaded. No adoption necessary. MOTU maintain as a team. That said,
we like it if the person who put the package on REVU stuck around to
help maintain it. You don't have to be a MOTU to maintain packages, you
just need to have MOTU sponsor your uploads.

> 2) Should I send a notification to the MOTU informing about that I need
> reviewer's feedback or I should expect proper activity from the reviewers
> notification ml ? (I have submitted my first package yesterday and I was
> expecting a quick "this is bad" comment).

Right now since we aren't taking any more NEW (brand new to Ubuntu)
packages we aren't watching REVU too much. The fastest way to get
feedback is to ask for a review in #ubuntu-motu . Even then it'll
probably be a while unless somebody has some free time as we are focused
on getting Feisty out the door.

> I didn't submitted my suggestion on the revu Development Center, because it
> seems to be broken:
> The packaging guide (
> is very clear,
> most of the remaining documentation and process description on how to get a
> new application into Ubuntu is quite puzzling.

Hopefully this helped.


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