Trying MOTU

João Pinto joao.pinto at
Wed Mar 14 16:22:38 GMT 2007

following Daniel's comments and questions regarding the ability to
support/keep the Getdeb packages in a proper quality level I have decided to
try the MOTU way.

I have a few starting comments and questions.

The REVU main page is terrible, what is the sort criteria for the packages
list ?

The following detail should be presented on the main list:
  - last uploader comment, last reviewer comment, package status
This would allow a better assessment for both the reviewers and uploaders on
packages needing more activity.

I couldn't found a description of the package live cycle.


1) What is the REVU package life cycle ?
I couldn't find a description on when/who classifies the package as properly
packaged, and what happens at that time.
Does a MOTU member need to adopt the package as a maintainer  so that it
gets into Universe ?

2) Should I send a notification to the MOTU informing about that I need
reviewer's feedback or I should expect proper activity from the reviewers
notification ml ? (I have submitted my first package yesterday and I was
expecting a quick "this is bad" comment).

I didn't submitted my suggestion on the revu Development Center, because it
seems to be broken:

The packaging guide ( is very clear,
most of the remaining documentation and process description on how to get a
new application into Ubuntu is quite puzzling.

Best regards,

João Pinto
GetDeb Packager
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