call for votes: KDE4 uploads to universe

Soren Hansen sh at
Wed Mar 14 12:27:05 GMT 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 12:31:21PM +0100, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Stating that the influence of the MC is demotivating is in my opinion
> quite exaggerated. Who else feels that way?

I'm not sure if it's demotivating, but I've also been surprised about
the decisions that somehow ended up on MC's table. I was quite busy
during the period of time where the discussion that led to the creation
of the MOTU council was going on, so I didn't have time to follow it
quite as closely as I would have liked, but I was definitely under the
impression that their main purpose was appointment of new MOTU's.
Reading up on things now (the charter, the description on Launchpad,
etc.) it seems I'm mistaken. Hm..

On the one hand, it's much like most other governance in Ubuntu, ie.
meritocracy, which has served us well so far, so it fits in well in the
grander scheme of things.

On the other hand, in this particular case, the decision of the MC can
directly affect the workload of a herd of volunteers. Those volunteers
can choose to accept the extra workload and support these experimental
packages or they can refuse to do so and essentially see their baby (the
universe component of Ubuntu), which I expect most of us are pretty darn
proud of, deteriorate.  Not having a direct say in this decision can
very well be demotivating.

Every time my editor opens a C++ file, a kitten dies, so I tend to steer
clear of KDE stuff anyway, so it's not particularly demotivating for me,
but I can understand if others feel otherwise.

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