call for votes: KDE4 uploads to universe

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Wed Mar 14 11:31:21 GMT 2007

Hello Jordan,

Am Dienstag, den 13.03.2007, 21:09 -0700 schrieb Jordan Mantha:
> That said, I
> don't particularly see this as something the MOTU Council should be
> deciding either. I have to say I'm a little disturbed that the MC has
> been making decisions that I really feel MOTU should be making (this and
> SRU policy are the particular ones I'm thinking of). I thought the MC
> was supposed to approve members and MOTUs and provide some leadership,
> not take on every decision that comes up. I think it's both unfair to
> put the burden on the MC and I think it's also demotivating to MOTUs at
> a time when we are trying to excite and build our community.

I disagree. The MC has been in place for less then a month now. While it
might look like "every decision" was made by the MC it has been
relatively few.

The MC is in charge to help finding decisions, thus everybody agreed on
the MC being responsible for policy decisions, not to aggregate power,
but as a measure to come to a decision in a timely fashion. None of the
decisions that were made were without a broad consensus among the MOTUs.

I said before: I don't expect policy decisions to come up often, so
"interference" of the MC will be relatively little.

Stating that the influence of the MC is demotivating is in my opinion
quite exaggerated. Who else feels that way?

Have a nice day,

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