Patches to get democracyplayer (mostly) working with feisty

Michael Olson mwolson at
Fri Mar 2 05:49:41 GMT 2007

"Daniel T. Chen" <crimsun at>

>>  - You'll need pyrex, since that fixes several python2.5
>>    issues.  You'll also need a patch for pyrex (attached to this
>>    message as 10_remove_pyerr_warnex.patch, and submitted upstream for
>>    analysis), otherwise an "unknown symbol" error will happen at
>>    runtime, which would prevent the download tool from working.  This
>>    patch is a rather suboptimal solution, and I'm hoping that the
>>    pyrex upstream can come up with a better fix.
> Currently the main component is in UpstreamVersionFreeze/FeatureFreeze,
> so pyrex can't be uploaded to Ubuntu unless there's compelling
> evidence (well tested, of course) that doesn't introduce any
> regressions in addition to resolving bugs. The procedure for filing an
> UVF exception request is documented at
> .

Pyrex upstream hasn't responded within the past week, so apparently
the real fix is non-trivial.  The download.pyx file is the real
show-stopper, so one possibility might be to ship the generated
download.c file in patch form, and remove the `clean' rule that would
normally delete it in debian/rules.  I think this approach might work,
but haven't tested it.  I've made the generated download.c file
available at, in case it
is decided to go with this approach.

>>  - I had to build the package using mozilla-dev rather than
>>    firefox-dev, due to a runtime segfault in
>>    (IIRC).  This was before applying the patches, though, so it is
>>    possible that the segfault is gone now -- I'm out of time and
>>    energy to check that.
> Could someone verify that firefox-dev is a sufficient build-dependency?
> I've posted the patches that Michael sent me at
> .

I double-checked, and the segfault at runtime still occurs.

Also, I missed an explicit call to "python2.4" for the downloader
component, which caused python2.4 to be launched at the background
after starting democracyplayer.  A patch to fix this is at

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