REVU process

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Mar 2 08:17:20 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

I asked the members of the MOTU Council for some first impressions on and after some discussion we
decided to move the discussion to ubuntu-motu.

The script mentioned is just a first start and not very exciting yet.
It's intended to suit the following workflow:
      * <dholbach> Somebody please review
      * <sistpoty> ok
      * Stefan then runs /revu-tool/revu
      * The tool checks out the branch and builds a source package for

I started to try
to find the *real blockers* we see with the proposed process. There's a
lot to gain by collaborating on packaging, learning and reviewing. So
let's try to get moving and find the problems that really block us for

Thanks for your attention and good ideas. Have a nice day,

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