media players in xubuntu

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Fri Mar 3 12:29:52 GMT 2006


I hope this is not offtopic here, but I'd like the opinion of the
MotuMedia team regarding suitable music/video players to include with
xubuntu by default.

By suitable I mean one that has few dependencies, preferably gtk2 only 
besides the multimedia libs, fast and small footprint, and one that can
support a reasonable set of media with software in the main repository,
all this while being around for long enough to be considered mature.

Right now we have xfmedia (xine based) as default since it is upstream 
xfce's choice but it is not very user friendly.

I'd like to have separate audio and video players, with current choice
leaning towards gxine or xine-ui and xmms. Since the latter is gtk1.2 
based which I think is candidate for universe maybe beep-media player
is more suitable.

But I haven't looked into how tied some of these are to non-free codecs
or universe software with bad security track, whether they are stable 
and usable currently in dapper or other things I might miss right now. I 
am in #ubuntu-motu so please ping me there if you'd like to give some 


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