Change of UVF exceptions process

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Feb 27 23:48:44 GMT 2006

Hello everybody,

after the MOTU UVF process stalled for two weeks we made changes and
hopefully will now make it easier to follow through. Here's the process:

All open requests, which were sent to the list will be still processed
in the normal way, Reinhard will send a list of stuff that is Ok later

Reinhard (siretart) Tartler, Sebastian (slomo) Dröge and I formed the
'motu-uvf' team on Launchpad and will from now on approve / reject UVF

If you want to get UVF exception for something, please 
      * file a bug
      * stating the reason why (other bugs it fixes, etc)
      * attach diffstat, changelog and build-/install-log (as files)
      * assign it to 'motu-uvf' will be the list of
bugs that are processed.

As every other bug they will start with 'Unconfirmed', if we reject your
request for exception, we will move them to 'Rejected'. If you get the
'Confirmed' mail, you're free to move on and mark as 'Fix Released' once
you uploaded it.

I'm quite sure this will make the process more lightweight and we won't
be blocked that easy any more.

Have a nice day,

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