UVF execption request for BUM

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 24 16:54:49 GMT 2006

Hi Fabio,

Am Freitag 24 Februar 2006 15:27 schrieb Fabio Marzocca:
> I have fixed this bug: https://launchpad.net/products/bum/+bug/29831
> on BootUp-Manager. Now version 2.1.5 is on debian repositories, but it
> has been uploaded after UVF, so no synch has happened.

Thanks for fixing ;)

> I have marked the bug as "fixed" on malone. Is it possible to synch
> version 2.1.5 from debian, or is it too late?

I've already reqeusted an exception, see [1]. Hope it will get an ACK from 
Matt or Colin soon.


[1]: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2006-February/000431.html

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