REVU and GPar2

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Feb 24 14:37:45 GMT 2006

Hi Francois and John,

Francois, first off all: Thank you very much for informing us.

Am Freitag 24 Februar 2006 10:57 schrieben Sie:
> Hi,
> I don't know who to write to, but I've found your email on the reviewing
> of gpar2 on REVU.

ubuntu-motu at is a good place, I'll send the reply to the list 
as well ;).

> I'm the official developer of gpar2, available on
> As
> states, the
> current official revision of gpar2 is 0.2, and not 0.3. 0.3 is a release
> made entirely by jaugustine, without telling me before his releasing and
> packaging. I proposed him to join the development team of gpar2, but he
> doesn't seem to be interested. And I won't work with someone who decides
> to release something without my agreement, without even telling me
> before on what he was working. CVS is the tool for collaborative
> development, not tar.gz...
> Anyway, his 0.3 release is buggy on my machine (I just tested it
> quickly), so I asked him to wait for me to integrate his changes on the
> official release, and to package the 0.2 version in the meantime. He
> didn't. GPar2 is released under the GPL, so it's no problem for him to
> make a fork, but I ask you to ask him changing the name of the program,
> since it's not the official gpar2. Of course, I asked him directly
> before, without any success...

That's certainly a nogo for John's packages. The duty of a package maintainer 
is *not* to make own releases of the software he packages. His duty is to 
work together with upstream.

Surely, a maintainer sometimes needs to adjust some files, e.g. if something 
is broken and he can fix it. But these changes should always be reported back 
to the upstream developer. Cooperation and coordinating on the package 
management with the upstream author should be the first duty of a maintainer.

Using private forks as base for a package, and announcing them as the official 
project is not an option.

John, as Francois wrote, a thing you can do, is to create an own fork of 
gpar2, which you'd need to name differently and make clear that this is a 
deriviated work. However I *very much* disencourage you to do so and suggest 
to work together with Francois instead.

> Thanks in advance, and feel free to ask me questions.
Thanks again for informing us.

> Francois Lesueur

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