new poll for MOTU work coordination

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Sun Feb 19 17:41:59 GMT 2006

Stefan Potyra wrote:

> Currently: Imo we need at least track (somehow) for what packages syncs are 
> requested (due too the fact, that syncs currently aren't processed).

How about handling syncs via our mailing list, similar how our UVF
requests are handled:

Once a week, a new thread is started with a complete list of all open
syncs. Additions are done via followups to that first post. Next week,
all additions are accumulated to the next starting thread. If this
protocol is followed, it should be quite easy to track  syncs requests
in a threaded view.

I think this takes the least work, we can point to it via url to the
list archives, and everybody can comment on it by just posting a follow


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