Beagle 0.2.1 UVF Exception Report

Brandon Hale brandon at
Tue Feb 7 21:30:58 GMT 2006

Beagle 0.2 has the landing of a new UI that has been under development
for some time in a seperate branch. This marks the removal of gecko
and evolution dependencies in the UI, which were the cause of most
problems. The new UI displays result tiles using a custom widget.

I consider it to be at least as stable as Best, the old front end,
which was never intended to be a long term interface.

It also contains many bugfixes in the backend including continued
reduction of memory usage. It fixes (at least) the following bugs in

29053. beagle binary is uninstallable
5266. beagle graphical front-end broken
6652. beagle-0.1.4-0ubuntu1 doesn't support searching with Korean
29386. Beagle 0.2.0 and Dapper

0.2.1 is currently packaged in Debian.
We can sync it as is for the first time ever. A big win from my perspective.
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