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> Hi,
> This email contains a list of packages which had newer versions in
> Debian for a long time now. It would be great to work on them with
> higher priority, so we could say something like :
>  In Edgy, there is NO package that is older than the version
>  in Debian as of Dapper release date.
> (See
> for the current state regarding this)
> Disclaimers:
> * there might be some false positive
> * I haven't checked if sync bugs were filed
> == Packages with a newer upstream release in Debian since at least Dapper
> Release ==
> ddclient

I tried to build this and had issues, though I don't remember what.

> devilspie
> gaim-meanwhile
> gaphor
This one depends on diacanvas2 which is broken in the archive.

> gnunet-gtk
Sync has been requested

> gnuradio-core
> ia32-libs
> ocrad

> openscenegraph
A sync has been requested

> osgcal
Tried this merge and it has issues.

> php4-pear-log

> resolvconf
A sync has been requested

> rhythmbox-applet
> stunnel4
Sync has been requested

> tulip
Tried this merge and the package has issues

The framework for this is missing/unmaintained

> xfce4-verve-plugin
> xfonts-ayu
> xfonts-mplus


Barry deFreese (aka bddebian)

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