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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Sun Apr 9 15:14:40 BST 2006

Hi folks, hi Daniel,

Am Sonntag 09 April 2006 12:56 schrieb Daniel Holbach:
> Hello everybody
> I want to pull the concept of the MOTU StrikeForce out of the hat,
> again. Those of us who are with us for a bit longer now, know that there
> are stressful times, when the MOTU world is expected to deal with
> hundreds of packages in a short time and most of you know that we always
> performed the task admirably.
> Merging in the beginning of the release cycle, library transitions
> during the release cycle and rebuilds at the end of the release cycle
> belong to our tasks all the same.
> I was thinking if we could have this strike force instead of say the
> motumergers team. With the tools we have it should be easy to create
> lists of things to do (unmet dependencies and ssl transition come
> instantly to my mind) and to track them via Malone.
> Stefan, if I remember correctly you wrote much of the infrastructure for
> the Merging Sessions. How easy would it be to make it a bit more
> generic?

Do I get it right that you want several lists w. unassigned/assigned/fixed for 
different tasks, where bugs on malone can switch the state and that these 
lists could be prefilled by some mechanism?

If so, I guess it would take me several hours to change the workload-list 
(formerly known as merge-list) to handle this.

The bad thing is, that I'm currently drowned in work (btw.: just if anyone 
wondered, that's the reason I'm not on irc lately, hope this will get better 
soon.) and so I can't really promise to start working on it soon :(.

Maybe someone else would like to jump in here?

Btw.: We should also check out, if LP itself can be abused to exactly provide 
this functionality yet: I once asked on lp-users about such a functionality 
(see [0]). From the answer [1], I guess that there might be something planned 
(or is even working already), though I actually don't know if it's possible 
yet to file a bug with multiple tasks.

Cheers and keep on rocking,
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