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Peter Antoniac pan1nx at linux.com
Mon Jun 8 12:07:17 BST 2009

Hi list,

My name is Peter Antoniac, aka pan1nx or theseinfeld. I live in Finland but 
speak English fluently.

I would like also to apply for MOTU membership. I've been active in Ubuntu for 
over 5 years, in the LP, bugs, meetings, etc. I have a long knowledge of 
Debian, Ubuntu, packaging, as I am doing this at work. I am one of the Senior 
Software Architects behind the Elektrobit's MID devices (linux based).

Today, I also started my work towards MOTU and I figure I could start with 
packaging kflickr-kde4:

Well, after some search, I found out that there is already a package build in 

What should I do from here? I would really appreciate some support/mentorship 
on this matter.

Kind regards,
 Peter Antoniac, PhD
 GIT/CS a C+++ UL+++$ w--- PGP++ e++++
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