Application for a Mentor

Jeff Enns ubuntu at
Mon Jun 8 11:50:51 BST 2009


My name is Jeff Enns and my launchpad user name is cyberpenguinks.

I'm 33 years old and live in the United States (Kansas).  My native
language is English.

I have been a linux user for 14 years (started on RedHat),
administered linux servers (mainly running tcp services like Apache,
MySQL, named, etc) for 8 years and spent 4 years developing in-house
back-end applications and daemons on linux (RedHat and Slackware),
Tru64 and HP-UX.  I'm mainly a C/C++ developer with 2 years experience
with Trolltech's QT framework (front-end and back-end).  I do have
experience with Perl (4 years) and PHP (3 years).  I have working
knowledge of tcp/ip and multi-threaded development.  I have had no
experience developing open source nor contributing/maintaining
packages, but am wanting to.

I have started out in the BugSquad about a week ago sense that seems
to be needed and I figured I can learn more about Ubuntu's personality
and get involved with the community (I plan to continue work for the
BugSquad even if I do become a member of MOTU).  My launchpad site is  I have had very little
experience with Debian-based linux distros.  In recent years I have
used Slackware and OpenSUSE.  However, I've grown to appreciate Ubuntu
and what it stands for.  I've been using Ubuntu on one machine at home
for about a year now.  The community seems very active and I would
like to participate and do my part to give back.

My interests are with daemons like squid, apache, dhcpd, etc or CLI
packages.  I'm not picky about which package I would want to work on,
just stick me where I'm needed.

My current job is a linux administrator, so I always use ssh,
vim/gvim, named, dhcpd, grep, awk, etc.  I also use Firefox,
OpenOffice and several of the games at home.

I've been going through the MOTU/GettingStarted guides, especially
going over the Packaging documentation.  My main concern is getting
acquainted with Ubuntu's way of doing things.

Thank you for your time and your consideration,

Jeff Enns

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